Romance & Erotica Novel Acronyms

As newcomers enter the world of Romance and Erotica, it’s not unusual to get lost in this world’s unique pile of terms and acronyms. Reddit’s popular r/RomanceBooks, does a great job of listing them all out, but I felt, at least when I started, it would be nice to have the list sub-categorized for easier exploration. Below you will find our list of popular acronyms categorized by the context which they are typically used: ‘

General and Genre-Defining Terms

  • AAR (All About Romance): A revered site for romance reviews.
  • ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses): A beloved adult fantasy series.
  • ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy): Pre-publication copies for review.
  • CR (Contemporary Romance): Romance set post-1950.
  • HR (Historical Romance): Pre-1950 romance settings.
  • PNR (Paranormal Romance): Romance with supernatural elements.
  • NA (New Adult): Targeting early 20s readers or characters.
  • YA (Young Adult): For teenage readers or teen characters.
  • SFR (Science Fiction Romance): Combines sci-fi and romance.
  • FR (Fantasy Romance): Romance in fantasy settings.

Relationship Dynamics and Themes

  • BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission.
  • E2L/ETL (Enemies to Lovers): Romance evolving from enmity.
  • F2L/FTL (Friends to Lovers): Romance blossoming from friendship.
  • RH (Reverse Harem): One female, multiple male partners.
  • MOC (Marriage of Convenience): Relationships formed for practical reasons.
  • UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension): Unacted-upon sexual attraction.
  • CNC (Consensual Non-Consent): Role-playing absence of consent.
  • DDLG/DDLB: Dominant Daddy/Little Girl, Boy dynamics.
  • D/s: Dominance and Submission relationships.
  • GFY (Gay For You): Characters experiencing same-sex attraction uniquely.

Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Ace (Asexual): Characters without sexual attraction.
  • Aro (Aromantic): Characters without romantic attraction.
  • BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color): Diverse racial and ethnic representation.
  • GNC (Gender Nonconforming): Characters challenging gender norms.
  • ENM (Ethical Nonmonogamy): Consensual non-exclusive relationships.
  • WLW (Woman Loving Woman): Female-female romance.
  • MLM (Man Loving Man): Male-male romance.
  • NB/NBi (Non-Binary): Non-binary gender identities.

Online Communities and Platforms

  • GR (GoodReads): A book tracking and review site.
  • AO3 (Archive of Our Own): A fanfiction repository.
  • SBTB (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books): A popular romance site.
  • KU (Kindle Unlimited): Amazon’s book subscription service.

Specific Books and Authors

  • CoHo (Colleen Hoover): A popular romance author.
  • CCW (Cate C. Wells): Another notable author in the genre.
  • IPB (Ice Planet Barbarians): A specific book series.

Miscellaneous Terms

  • HEA (Happily Ever After): Ideal positive endings.
  • HFN (Happy For Now): Temporary positive conclusions.
  • TBR (To Be Read): List of pending books.
  • DNF (Did Not Finish): Books not completed by the reader.
  • OTP (One True Pairing): A favorite fictional couple.
  • OMYW (Older Man, Younger Woman): A specific age dynamic.
  • OWYM (Older Woman, Younger Man): The reverse age dynamic.
  • XX (Nonbinary and Nonbinary romance): Nonbinary-focused romance.

Acknowledgement to Reddit’s RomanceBooks subreddit for providing the foundation for this comprehensive list.

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